Front of a5 Flyer printed on a recycled stock
Front of a5 Flyer printed on a recycled stock
Back of a5 Flyer printed on a recycled stock
Back of a5 Flyer printed on a recycled stock
Timeline cover for Email & Facebook
Timeline cover for Email & Facebook
The New Years party at Exeter Phoenix has always been a BIG deal. Which is why, it was an absolute honour to carry on this tradition and throw a huge party that both celebrates and encapsulates the atmosphere of this highly diverse arts centre. The event was a great success, it completely sold out with everyone having a lovely night.
I chose the theme 'Party Like it's 1999,' partly because I am obsessed with retro futurism but mainly because it was the 20th anniversary of the art centre's birth, and I wanted everybody to celebrate this! I looked back, and took influence from The Matrix (1999) to create a Y2K, hacker themed night.

For the artwork and branding and copy I took inspiration from 90s rave flyers and just had lots of fun with the design! Both typefaces used are pretty iconic (DRUK & Data 70) with one being used for a lot of 90s record labels. Within the swirling text on the background I hid the lyrics to Mambo No. 5 (1999) and the text on the computer screen reads "downloading... tiny glasses, rollerblades, capes, platform shoes, Woolworths, TOTP, Sci-Fi lasers, what is love baby don't hurt me."
For the decor each room had a different theme, we had a Video Rental Store, a Space Bar, a Nana's Living Room as a well as a tavern! If would like to read more about the different rooms please look below. The whole night was pretty bonkers! Complete with walkabout performers, games and at midnight the Y2K virus took over the main room!
👇Photos from the event below! 👇
“Grab your membership card and head to the best video rental store in town. Buy-one-get-one free on everything from disco all the way to garage, jungle, and drum and bass.”
Come Disco With Me | Extra Medium | C@ In The H@ | TwoGood

“Expect live acts spanning funk n soul, breaks and hip hop… but only until the deadly Y2K bug arrives at midnight in the form of a highly infectious silent disco, rendering you powerless to cheesy bangers.”
Rapha Ghetti | Daytoner | Too Many T’s | Silent Disco

"Enter the space bar, press the any key, esc your troubles and lose ctrl. Those no good hackers have infiltrated the bar and sent it right back to the glorious world of 90s sci-fi.”
Lady Melza | Dj Spider | Exeter Dj's

 "Pop round to Nana’s for an evening of the truly bizarre! Enjoy whimsical 90s TV delights such as Stars In Their Eyes Karaoke, Mr Blobby Cabaret, Blind Date and a touch of Crinkley Bottom!"

"Kick back with a themed beverage in our tucked away tavern."
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